About Us


BDROBOSHOP is one of the  popular electronics parts shop in Bangladesh (specially for students, teacher & research people) that sells electronics spares . Robotics beginners guides, Project Support & Tutorials are here .


Who are We ?

BDROBOSHOP was founded in 01/01/2018 by Md.Wasiqur Rahman Shibly & Daffofil Computers Limited. We do also do product development (ideas and schematics), programming and documentation.

This a young team and a group of passionate guys. It’s committed on open source, hardware and software. Everyone is free to take the information provideds by bdroboshop  and do fun things with it. Because that’s what “open” means. Enjoying, learning, advancing, and sharing – that’s what each and almost project at BDROBOSHOP is about.

This shop is a new endeavour with a few more people involved in this, behind the scenes. For now it’s all being done on a very limited scale. Just a way to make stuff happen and get stuff out there for those early adventurers who are interested in some of the things happening at BDROBOSHOP.

You’re welcome to look around and see what’s available. Now and in the future, as more items get added. Thanks for your attention.

Enjoy !